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The voice of inspiration

As of late my journey has taken me deep into the crevasse of the long term effects of trauma. Welcoming back my missing soul essence was indeed a beautiful experience, but did not come without some complexity. My focus since that soul retrieval journey with the shaman has shifted inward and has left me struggling to feel the creative inspiration that fueled the work reflected in this blog. Reconciling the question of who I was born to be and who I have actually become has left me with an unsettling void day after day, ultimately neutralizing that spark that sends me to the keyboard to write. That is until today.

A sweet moment of connectedness captured in Costa Rica.

Today an unexpected voice of inspiration – from a beautiful woman named Adina – rang through with profound clarity. Adina answered my call to AT&T today to help me reinstate the yearly loyalty discounts I seek out to keep my father’s bill lowered. How we wound up speaking about our health is a mystery to me, but we ended up having a long, deep conversation about our mutual struggles. What is so miraculous are the words she said to me. This 24 year old woman who lives in Florida, who has clearly been dealt some challenges - health and otherwise - had the kindness and vision to remind me why I am here. She brilliantly held a mirror up so I could see reflecting back that true north vision guiding me to fulfill my purpose.

In these times, where we see so much division and polarity blanketing our daily experience, and find our lives upended from a catastrophic pandemic, moments where we can touch and inspire our fellow humans are worth manifesting for they most assuredly offer a vital lifeline. It is in our connectedness we will find our way to better days. Today my beacon of hope was sweet Adina from the loyalty department at AT&T, who I can only hope will continue to be blessed with the same kindness she bestowed on this stranger.


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