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Remember the girl

Many things can disrupt our navigation to that true north place where we experience a joyful existence living in purpose. The soul knows the way on that path better than just about anyone, yet somehow life events have the ability to separate us from our essence. If we lose pieces of our soul for any reason, as we journey from childhood to adulthood, the overwhelming desire to fill the remaining holes can lead to a plethora of unhealthy habits, none of which will ever restore what is missing.

Sitting on a train from Hong Kong to Lantau Island I was captivated by this little girl gazing out the window.

This has been my experience in my own life, which is why I find myself at this moment in time inviting my soul essence back for good. To be successful at this endeavor it has been important to remember the girl I was meant to be at birth. Its not that over the years I was completely devoid of any aspects of my true self, but more that disconnecting with my essence drove choices along the way – particularly those made as an adult – that reflected the absence of a vitality only the soul can ignite. As I welcome back this girl who loves to dream, cares deeply about others, wants to create something new every day, sees beauty in ways others might not and has so much still to say and do, my heart fills with gratitude for the healing that brought her back. She tells me she is happy to be seen. I tell her I love what I see. Together we will do amazing things.

Healing Highlight

Since the early 1990’s I have worked with a shamanic healer to return pieces of my soul that broke off as a result of various trauma events in my life, particularly from childhood. This is accomplished through shamanic journeys that are facilitated by a shaman who acts on behalf of the person seeking healing. With the use of sonic driving via drumming or the shaking of a rattle, the shaman can achieve an altered consciousness and is then able to journey into other worlds to seek out healing for themself or others.

Each journey we completed brought back an essential piece I was missing and over the years has methodically put me back together from a soul perspective, preparing me to ultimately become who I was intended at birth and leave behind the habits and patterns developed to cope with being out of purpose. In the most recent journey I was finally ready to receive my core soul essence, after years of living as a person not based on my true essence. The experience is truly profound and brings a sense of greater wholeness and connection to source.


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