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Ready. Set. Go.

The time has come to unravel a host of health issues that have plagued my daily life for the better part of the past decade. Seeking to surface-up root cause and then heal from the ground up by making the connection between mind, body and soul, I have been blessed to find a collection of practitioners to help steer the process.

Yes, that is me in the dune buggy cruising bowls at the Oceano Dunes.

This blog is a way to solidify my commitment by tracking the ups and downs, the stagnation and change, the epiphanies and roadblocks and ultimately what I hope is a rebirth carrying me into my 60’s. It is important to honor all the time, energy and investment of both healers and loved ones by being mindful in the way I move through the transformation to health.

For my entire adult life, I have been chasing a living to pay for a life I haven’t felt that passionate about. Knowing my tendency to make everything goal oriented, pressure-based and results focused, I am mindful that the true healing will come from engaging a different set of tools: being gentle with myself, practicing kindness, pacing my activity, resting more regularly, breathing often, paying attention to what my body is telling me, deciphering the various signals from my brain and knowing how to filter out those that fuel unhealthy and counter-productive choices. This is not an overnight process. It is abundantly clear that it is time for systemic change so here I am, ready to surrender to the inevitability that this profound evolution will take its own sweet time.

Each day is unpredictable. One day I might feel relatively ok or do a decent job of managing pain through stretching or rest. Other days fatigue sets in almost as soon as my day starts. Where the back of my body amps up in searing pain that my mind fights. Where I just feel crappy and in response, I pretend the discomfort is not there. Where I smile and keep moving and doing because that is what is learned early on. Because being lazy is not in my DNA. This is my challenge. Sometimes I wish there was no one around. No responsibilities. No disruptions. No sound. No sensation. Just silence. To feel stillness in my cells, my mind, my joints, my emotions can seem like an unattainable nirvana, so instead I allow whatever happens in the world around me to drive my experience.

Sometimes I fantasize about living a much simpler life, not fueled by acquisition and consumption, but rather inspired by appreciating, creating and giving. In this new life I see my authentic-self thriving and my body responding with optimal health. Even just jumping into the vibration of this possibility makes me feel hopeful and grateful to be alive.


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