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Creating the space

These past six years, as my health became compromised, devoting the time and focus to getting better was a struggle. The combination of symptoms and my state of mind kept me from creating the space to change my reality, so I often felt discouraged. One thing I was able do is build the intent to shift through dedicated meditation and energy work. Not knowing the details for how a true healing would actually happen, I had to summon faith, surrender to intent and wait patiently for change to come. Having done this many times before, I knew the universe would begin delivering the right circumstances and opportunities to propel me forward.

This rustic shelf unit was made by my husband who found the piece of scrap metal shaped like a heart in the woods.

And the universe did not disappoint, with change arriving in a big way. A global pandemic hit us all. Jobs were lost, including mine. Suddenly there was this enormous block of time at my disposal which I used to craft and launch a plan. I had to dig deep into the well of my will, to not just survive but to thrive. Financial resources seemed to magically appear in ways never imagined. There was work to do like sell a house and move to a new one that needed renovation, but this afforded the opportunity to create an actual physical space that would support the healing journey. Now, as I pan this new sanctuary I have carefully crafted, reflections of my authentic self shine and provide valuable reinforcement.

By following the lead of intent, doors open, epiphanies shine through, breakthroughs emerge, people show up to help and magic is able to happen while leaning into the flow. So creating the space is not just about where to heal, its about how to heal. Its about allowing transformation to usher in a new perspective on what it means to be alive. In daring to imagine the life of our wildest dreams, an opening is created for that ideal existence to become reality. By regularly jumping into the vibration of our desires, the inevitably of them manifesting becomes certain.

This is what I am witnessing now. A testimony to the power of intent. In this newly created space where I reside - both a room with things that support the journey and a mindset claimed - each day brings healing and feelings of deep gratitude.


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